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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Viki Reid GLC Chief Executive Officer 
Mr Dan George Head of School
Mrs Nicky Spindler Deputy Head of School 
Mr Dan Burnett Deputy Head of School 
Ms Sam Day Assistant Head of School, Early Years Phase Lead
Ms Tracey Wilson Assistant Head of School, KS1 Phase Lead
Mr Joseph Kearns Assistant Head of School, Year 3 Phase Lead
Ms Molica Hackshaw Assistant Head of School, Year 4 Phase Lead 
Ms Rebecca Hayden Assistant Head of School, Year 5 Phase Lead
Ms Amy Gibson Assistant Head of School, Year 6 Phase Lead
Ms Stephanie Worrow Assistant Head of School, SENCo
Ms Anna Sparrow Inclusion Manager
Miss Kathryn Luckin Support Services Manager 

Teaching Staff

Ms Deborah Adebayo Teacher
Ms Nicola Baalham Teacher
Ms Ramona Badu Teacher
Ms Alaina Bettridge Teacher
Ms Vicky Binns Teacher
Ms Joanne Bodimeade Teacher
Ms Junita Christopher Teacher
Mr Dean Cooper PE Lead
Mr Andre Dalley PE Teacher
Ms Rhianne Dimmock PE Teacher
Ms Michelle Garwood Teacher
Ms Kaylee Gibson Teacher
Mr Joseph Gilson Teacher
Ms Lauren Harris Teacher
Ms Sally Hollands Teacher
Ms Lauren Hyde Teacher
Ms Alexandra Johnson Teacher
Ms Grace Johnson Teacher
Ms Tazeem Kausar Teacher
Ms Leanne Knight Teacher
Ms Jennie Korol Teacher
Ms Pavindri Kulasekera Teacher
Ms Phoebe Lams Teacher
Ms Madeleine Loin Teacher
Ms Megan Meier Teacher
Ms Hayley O’Connor Nursery Lead
Ms Jill Osborne Acorn Provision Lead
Ms Dionne Potts Teacher
Ms Joy Ramussen Teacher
Ms Lynn Scott Teacher
Ms Candace Tapiki Teacher
Ms Rose Tighe Teacher
Ms Amy Watherston Teacher
Mr Daryl Winchester Teacher

Teaching Support Staff/ Breakfast Supervisors/ Midday Supervisors 



Inclusion Team

Mrs Anna Sparrow Inclusion Manager
Miss Lynsey Bevan Inclusion advocate
Mrs Tracy Austin Inclusion advocate
Miss Rebecca Bass Inclusion advocate

Support Services

Miss Kathryn Luckin Support Service Manager 
Miss Karen Hetherington PA to Head of School and Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Jeanette Meurs Admin Assistant 
Miss Kate Gopsill Data Manager 
Mrs Lisa Davey Attendance Officer 

Central Services

Miss Claire Brooks  GLC Communications, Marketing and Events Lead
Mrs Katie Creighton GLC HR Manager 
Miss Jo Court GLC Primary Lead for Quality of Teaching and Transition of EYFS/KS1
Mrs Sarah Curtis  GLC Group SENDCo
Mr Dominic Davison GLC Education Welfare Officer 
Mrs Alexandra Guilbert GLC Primary Modern Foreign Languages Lead
Mrs Stacey Hall GLC IT Support Officer
Mr George Hillsden GLC IT Support Officer
Mrs Sonia Humphries  GLC Reprographics Lead
Mrs Jo Jones GLC Finance Director 
Miss Jade Lauricourt  GLC Primary Maths Advisor
Mr Steve Lawler GLC Sustainability Lead
Mr Ashis Limbu GLC Design and Marketing 
Miss Sian Lister  GLC Cultural, Creative Learning, Partnership and Projects
Ms Diane Pierson  Personal Assistant to the GLC CEO/ Governance 
Mr Lee Spall GLC Site Manager 
Mr Ryan Summerhayes  GLC ICT Manager 
Mrs Katina Williams GLC Music Lead