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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

Developing Great People

Whichever career pathway you choose at The Gateway Learning Community, you will be supported to achieve your career aspirations and goals through internal and external training and development programmes. 

Professional Development 

  • Improving upon our best: We create a culture whereby every member of staff can improve their performance, not because they are not good enough, but that with the right development and training, they can be even better 
  • Evidence informed approaches: Our approach to teaching and learning is built on evidence informed and researched based approaches - we believe that with a good understanding of cognitive science and how pupils learn most effectively, teachers can deliberately use the most effective teaching and learning approaches
  • Action research: Our teachers and leaders work with organisations and carry out internal action research projects, such as how the use of artificial intelligence can enhance the learning experience for pupils and reduce teacher workload
  • Tailored professional development: We offer a tailored approach to professional development, relative to teacher’s experience and expertise: 

Universal offer

  • A comprehensive programme of professional development reflecting Academy and Trust priorities
  • Opportunities to observe best practice within your own academy and across the Trust
  • Access to a best practice directory of teacher videos 
  • Collaboration with partner teachers across the Trust 
  • Regular opportunities for professional reading built in to professional development

Stage of Career: Early Career Teacher

  • ECT clinics and conferences in conjunction with Ambition Leadership and The Professional Learning Network
  • Additional ECT clinics delivered by our Trust teaching and learning team
  • Opportunities to collaborate with ECTs across our Trust
  • An experienced fully trained mentor to support and guide you through your 2 year ECT programme 

Stage of Career: Recently Qualified Teacher

  • Further training and development based on the targets set at the end of your ECT programme 
  • Structured targeted support from phase leaders, through coaching, core team meetings and planning, preparation and assessment time
  • Professional conversations and support to help you plan your career path to achieve your career aspirations

Stage of Career: Established Teacher

  • A differentiated programme of professional development, including opportunities to observe best practice in your own academy and across the Trust
  • Regular opportunities for professional reading and action research 
  • Opportunities to mentor trainee teachers and those in the early stages of their career
  • Opportunities to visit academies within our Trust and nationally to learn from best practice

Stage of Career: Middle and Senior Leaders 

  • A wide range of leadership development opportunities within each academy, across the Trust and through our various partnerships
  • Opportunities to visit academies within our Trust and nationally to learn from best practice
  • Opportunities to contribute to Trust policies and practices through collaboration at Trust action groups 
  • Opportunities to lead professional development for teachers within each academy and across the Trust


Partnership Working

  • Trust collaboration: We are proud of the collaboration across our Trust and believe it is the key to the ongoing development of our staff. Leaders, teachers, pupil-facing support and non-pupil facing staff have the opportunity to develop in their role, alongside their peers across the Trust
  • Subject specialists: Our staff benefit from professional development from primary and secondary subject specialists who work across our Trust, including: English, Mathematics, Spanish, Music, Physical Education and Special Educational Needs 
  • Partnership working: We are fortunate to work with a range of partners which provide professional learning opportunities for our staff, including: Partners in Excellence [Pixl], The Royal Opera House [ROH], Thurrock Music Service and Thurrock School Sport Partnership

Career Pathways 

  • Career progression within our Trust: We are passionate about developing our staff and supporting them to achieve their career aspirations. This often means developing and nurturing them to progress into subject specialist teachers or leaders within our Trust, either at their own academy or within one of our Trust academies. 
  • Leadership development: We are passionate about developing leaders to be the best they can be and provide regular internal leadership development sessions, as well as working with a range of leadership development providers, such as Ambition Leadership, The Best Practice Network and The Confederation of School Trust [CST]
  • Academy collaboration: We actively seek opportunities to visit and learn from successful Trusts and Schools, current partnerships include: University Schools Trust [St Pauls Way & Cyril Jackson School], Old Ford Primary and Tollgate Primary School  

What do our staff say?

"During my employment within the GLC, I have been given a wide variety of professional development opportunities. As deputy head, these have enabled me to both extend my leadership skills but also to act as mentor and support other members of staff to develop their knowledge and skills. Most recently, I have completed an instructional coaching course that has had a wide impact for me professionally and for that of the school. I have planned and led training for GLC staff and our own school staff. Even at the times when I thought that I would not be able to achieve this, the encouragement and belief from the GLC that it could be achieved, was extremely beneficial."

C Bignell, Leader

"Personally, I have thrived in an environment that values continual improvement and personalised professional growth, I've benefited significantly from the commitment to supporting staff in achieving their career goals within the Trust.Starting a teaching apprenticeship with no prior experience or qualifications, the GLC's guidance has enabled me to teach unqualified for three years now, alongside pursuing my BA [Hons] in Primary Education at CCCU, now in my final year. I started as a volunteer, I am now teaching full time with my own class - a testament to the transformative support and opportunities provided by the GLC."

K Philpott, Teacher

"The GLC has  supported me to reach my true potential, supporting me in my AAT Examinations, providing training resources when required and encouraging collaboration with other organisations such as CST. I have been encouraged to progress to new levels even when I did  not necessarily have the belief in myself. I started as a Junior Finance Assistant and have had the opportunity to rise up from that role to a leadership position making me feel a true part of the GLC family."

J Jones, Finance Director