It all adds up at Lansdowne!...

Primaries across the GLC recently took part in the NSPCC’s nationwide annual fundraising event, Number Day. Pupils took part in many activities including a Multiplication Bee which saw the quickest pupil from each class go head to head to become the Times Table Champion. It is statutory requirement for every child to know their 12 times table by Year 4.

Other activities included calculating the fraction, percentage and decimal of different colours in a packet of sweets, investigating averages of the length of standing jumps, weighing out ingredients to cook biscuits and cakes, estimating the amount of sweets in the jar (see Ruben, the winner from Lansdowne, pictured with Nursery Nurse, Mrs Williams) and building a robot as a pellet launcher and subsequently measuring the distance it travelled.

Mrs Clare Hall, GLC Maths Lead, said “With all the activities that took place, fundraising whilst learning was the key to its success, resulting in a healthy £1,713.21 raised for the NSPCC, over £500 more than last year’s event. I would like to thank all staff and pupils for a really fantastic day!”

Lansdowne raised a very healthy £375.50 towards to final GLC fundraising for the NSPCC!

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