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 Autumn Term Attendance News


Well done to class 5 Thompson for maintaining their lead in the school attendance league table. They are this terms Attendance Cup Winners and have achieved 96% attendance. Well done to you all!


Golden Ticket Winners


Autumn Term 1

Key Stage 1 -  Class 2 Mckee with 4 Golden Tickets. They donated their prize to Thurrock Food BAnk which was greatly appreciated.

Key stage 2 - Class 5 Thompson with 2 Golden Tickets. They are hoping to continue to work hard on their attendance and plan for a pizza party.

Autumn Term 2

Key stage 1- Class 2 Patel with 2 Golden Tickets. They were excited on beating class 2 Mckee and have now to decide how they wish to spend their £25 reward.

Keys tage 2- Class 4 Blackman with 3 Golden Tickets. They are determined to continue working hard on their attendance to earn another reward next term.

GLC Christmas Attendance Prize Draw

 Well done to Scarlett in Class 5 Thompson for being the lucky winner of the £50 Amazon Voucher . She achieved 100% attendance for the duration of this competion which ran from 9th-17th December. 


Well done to all our winners!




Pupil Absence

If your child is absent from school then please telephone the school office by 9am. 

Wherever possible, please book any appointments outside of school hours. If your child has any medical appointments or any other appointments, please inform the school office. Evidence of the appointment is required e.g. appointment card or letter.

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Attendance vs Days off school

  • A calendar year has 365 days, or 52 weeks or 12 months
  • A school year has 195 days, or 39 weeks or 6 terms
  • INSET School Training Days total 5 in each year
  • Pupils expected to attend 190 days
  • School day is divided into two sessions, therefore, pupils should have 380 sessions a year.

Lansdowne’s Attendance Target is 96%.

  • 1 Day off per school year means attendance will only ever reach 99.5%
  • 10 Days off per school year means attendance will only ever reach 94.7%
  • 20 Days off per school year means attendance will only ever reach 90%

Poor school attendance can result in:

  • Academic Underachievement
  • Difficulty in making or keeping friendship groups
  • Loss of child’s confidence and self-esteem

Research has proved that children who have poor school attendance when at Primary Schools are more likely to truant when in secondary school.

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Attendance Penalty Notice