Year 6

Autumn Term 1

In Literacy, children will be exploring the differences and similarities between different text genres to compose their own narrative piece with key features from a chosen genre. Pupils will also be focusing on the role of formal/impersonal language and how this is used in informative text types.

In Geography pupils will be introduced to the book ‘If the World Were a Village’. Using the book as a starting point for discussion and ideas, pupils will study how change affects people around the world with a key focus on refugees and forced emigration. How war and conflict causes people to flee their homes is a key inquiry question in this unit, and so we have invited members of the public to come and share their personal experiences with the pupils.

In Science pupils are looking closely at the human respiratory and circulatory systems, their purpose and function. Pupils will study how the heart and lungs and other organs function together to keep our body going.  

In P.E we are going to be learning the basic skills and rules associated with Football and Basketball.