Year 3

Spring Term 1

In Year 3, we are Time Travellers! We are looking at influential people throughout history, and how they have influenced our lives today. We will be looking at Roman, Tutor, and Victorian eras, making links with our current time and discussing how their lives have had an impact on ours..

In Art/DT, we will be exploring different textiles, such as sewing, tie dying and weaving. In Science, we will be looking at Forces and Magnets, focusing on what makes items magnetic and how they affect other objects.

English will see students become detectives in our Mystery story ‘Smash and Grab’, and students will be given a chance to write their own mystery story. We will also be looking at the exploration of Mars, with students writing a report on NASAs efforts in the race to space!

Core text will focus on the adventures of Beowulf, with students given the opportunity to create a wanted poster, job advertisement and an explanation text.

Maths will see students continue to focus on their 3 and 4 times tables, as well as focusing on the different factors in the four operations.

PE will focus on gymnastics. Please remember to bring your PE kits to school on PE days, and students are reminded not to have any jewellery on during these sessions. 3C will be participating in swimming lessons every Wednesday, and must have their swimming kits each week to participate.

Autumn Term 2

In Year 3, we will begin going back in time to the Roman era, to look for the story of Boudicca and her fight against the Roman armies. Students will have a chance to explore Roman battle tactics, and why they were effective against Boudicca’s army.

In Art, we will be creating Roman mosaics using paper, just like those in Roman homes, while in Science, we will be exploring the earth and rocks, before creating our own volcanoes!

In English, we will become actors and directors as we read our story A Tune of Lies. Students will have the chance to recreate their own ending to our play. We will also be looking at instructional texts, and how to write them for our new instrument!

In Core Text, we will be continuing with our Roman theme by going back in time with our story, The Thieves of Ostia. Students will have the opportunity to explore new vocabulary and create a newspaper report about the crimes taking place within the book.

Autumn Term 1

In Year 3, we are travelling around Europe, exploring different countries and comparing them to our own. In DT, we will be looking at food tasting, focusing on the different qualities of food, and having a go at becoming bakers! Yum!

In Geography, we will be exploring the country of Spain, and discovering more information about it as we learn the language in Spanish. We will explore its population, size and features within Europe, and discuss how it differs from England.

In Science, we will be looking at plants, and discovering what makes a plant grow. We will be studying the different features of plants, and creating an experiment to determine where a plant grows best.

In English, we will be looking at our story Sand Wizards, and we will be creating descriptions about a place, focusing on descriptive language. We will also be looking at information texts, creating our own about Spain!

In Core Text, we will be looking at the story of Gregory Cool, and how the images provide us with descriptions of the text. Students will have the chance to describe a picture using descriptive language.