Year 2

Autumn Term 1

Whole School Theme: Who’s Who
Year Group Theme: Home or away? “Here or there?”

Topic overview

Our topic for this half-term is “home or away?”. We will be using our geographical skills to learn how pirates worked their way around the UK. We have begun looking at contrasting locations, such as coastal areas, cities, rural areas, towns and villages and children have considered where else they would like to live in the world.

In Science, we are focusing on plants, looking at their different parts and what the function is. We will also be investigating what plants need to grow well.

Our RE will be focusing on how we should care for others and the world and why it matters.

In Art, we will be looking at the work of Monet and learning how to use watercolours to paint beautiful landscape scenery.

Ideas to support your child

Look at maps to find different places in the world and talk about the symbols and discuss the contrasting locations.

Talk about the changes in the trees throughout the autumn months. Plant seeds and bulbs to explore what plants need to grow. Go on a nature walk to look at different plants in your local area.


We will be taking a ferry across to Gravesend to learn about art, literature, film and music all based around the River Thames.