Attendance Poster Summer Term

Attendance vs Days off school

  • A calendar year has 365 days, or 52 weeks or 12 months
  • A school year has 195 days, or 39 weeks or 6 terms
  • INSET School Training Days total 5 in each year
  • Pupils expected to attend 190 days
  • School day is divided into two sessions, therefore, pupils should have 380 sessions a year.

Lansdowne’s Attendance Target is 96%.

  • 1 Day off per school year means attendance will only ever reach 99.5%
  • 10 Days off per school year means attendance will only ever reach 94.7%
  • 20 Days off per school year means attendance will only ever reach 90%

Poor school attendance can result in:

  • Academic Underachievement
  • Difficulty in making or keeping friendship groups
  • Loss of child’s confidence and self-esteem

Research has proved that children who have poor school attendance when at Primary Schools are more likely to truant when in secondary schools.

Attendance Penalty Notice

Attendance is essential across all GLC academies. For more information, click here.

Attendance Challenge April Class 6S

Attendance Ryan (Nursery)

Well done to Ryan in our Nursery who has achieved 100% attendance since starting here in May 2016. He received his certificate and an Easter treat for his fantastic achievement!


Attendance Matters


Spring Term Attendance Winners

LPA 009

Well done to Class 5B for achieving the highest attendance during the Autumn Term 2016 with an attendance of 97.6%. They were delighted to receive the Attendance Cup and they would like to continue with their fantastic attendance lead next term.

LPA 003

The competition was very close in the December iPad Challenge but 5B have been awarded their second Ipad for achieving an amazing attendance of 97.5% during the challenge. Well done to class 4D who were in second place with an attendance of 97.3%. Could 5B be the next winners?

LPA October Attendance

Well done to Class 5B (pictured above) who won the October Attendance Challenge with an amazing attendance of 97.6%.
They were the luck winners of their own class iPad.

Attendance Challenge Class 5H

Well done to Class 5H (pictured above) who won the September Attendance Challenge with an amazing attendance of 98.7%. They were the lucky winners of their own class IPad.

Who will be our next winners?

Congratulations to Class 5N who won the Yearly Attendance Trophy for 2015-16 with an attendance of 96.5%.
This was a very close competition! Joint 2nd place went to 3G, 3H and 4U who all achieved 96.4%!

LPA Attendance 5N 2015-16 Winners

Congratulations to two of our nursery pupils who have achieved 100% attendance (2015-16)





Kindle Rewards for 100% Pupils

Pupils at Lansdowne Primary Academy are eagerly engaging in a weekly competition to see who is the lucky winner of the 100% attendance prize draw.

With Kindles as the reward for their 100% attendance, the incentive has never been so high! The first lucky winner (pictured below) was Andrew, Year 1. Each week we will feature the latest lucky pupil to receive theirs!

Head of School, Miss Monique Anderson, said “We are delighted to introduce our weekly prize draw. We like all our pupils to aim for that 100% attendance and hope that many more will enjoy their special reward!”

LPA Andrew 100% Kindle


LPA Kindle Winner Jessie


Kindle Lexi Logan


LPA KIndle Winner Lenny with Mrs Shafiq Teacher 6 May 2016

Lenny with Mrs Shafiq

Kindle Winner Robert S


Kindle Winner Cameron Whyte 2L


Kindle Winner Daisy 1R


Daisy May Reception

Daisy May

Emmanuel 4M


Kindle Oreoluwa


Kindle Favour 2D


Kindle Fungnam 3G



Attendance a difference a day can make

Pupil Absence

If your child is off from school, please contact the school office by 9am. If your child has any medical appointments or any other appointments, please inform the school office. Evidence of the appointment is required e.g. appointment card or letter.

Attendance Tree for Reception pupils

Attendance Tree

Look how hard our reception children are working at earning their leaves and fruit on our attendance tree. Every full week they are in school they earn a leaf. Every term they earn a piece of fruit and a bronze leaf.

Children that have earned three bronze leaves have achieved 100% attendance and will be invited to our very special attendance celebration in the summer.

Attendance in reception has risen by 1.7% this academic year. Well done to everyone who has helped us achieve this.