Previous Years

Primary PE & Sport Grand Awarded
Total number of pupils on roll 687
Lump sum £8,000
Amount of grant received per pupil (£5 x £375) 523 x £5 = £1500
Total Grant Amount £10,615
PE & School Sport Co-ordinator Amy Gibson & Megan Godfrey
Governor responsible for PE & School Sport
Summary of Primary Sport Premium 2015 – 2016
Objectives of spend;
·       Improve the provision and quality of PE & School Sport at Lansdowne Primary Academy
·       Ensure that PE & School Sport is judged as at least good by external monitoring
·       Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils
·       To develop a love of sport and physical activity
Outline of Primary Sport Premium spending 2015-2016
Item/project Cost Objectives Outcome Sustainability
Davies Sports £160 Dodgeball resources required in order to start up an afterschool club for Year 3 & 4 Autumn 1. Children in Year 2 and 3 were previously being taught Dodgeball during their PE time. We will now have the equipment to introduce and sustain a dodgeball after school club within the school.

Essex Elite Coaching after school club.

£20 per hour x 6 weeks = £120

Previously used for Year 2 & 3 PE session led by sports coach during lesson time in Summer 2 2015.

From Sept 2015 children in Year 3 and 4 were offered the opportunity to attend a dodgeball after school club. (The first 6 weeks will be run by a coach and then taken over by a member of staff).

Offered to all Year 3 and 4 children – and on average 20 children attended on a regular basis – run for 1 term. 

LSAs have been given the opportunity to observe good practice and help run dodgeball clubs in the future. 

Tennis club – Year 2, 3 and 4 – selected by teacher

Run by Essex Elite Coaching

£15 x 3 times a week – for 8 weeks=£360 Class Teacher to select children to attend a lunchtime tennis club in order to develop tennis skills but also develop social skills and confidence.

Run 3 times a week during children’s lunch hour for Year 2, 3 and 4.

On average 8-10 children attended weekly for each year group.

When children are taking part in structured physical activities there are less reported incidents on the playground.

This is a club that will be run by a member of staff in the new academic year as we have seen a positive impact.

Essex Elite Coaching – Autumn 1 

Supporting teachers with ideas for the teaching of PE

Year 1 – 1 x 2 hours per week. £15 x 6=£90

Year 2 – 1 x 2 hours per week £15 x 6 = £90

Essex Elite coaching to work on supporting teachers in Year 1 and 2 with the teaching of multi-skills and dodgeball. 

Available to all children in Year 1 and 2.

Children were able to develop a variety of skills in these sessions. Some children then chose to attend the multi-skills after school club.

Children developed listening skills and cooperation in PE.

This gave teachers an opportunity to observe their students early on in the school year and assess areas of development. Teachers also learnt new skills to help them teach multi-skills in the future.

All children in Year 1 and 2 took part and benefitted from these sessions.

Class Teachers are now set up to continue teaching these essential skills to their children for the rest of the academic year.

Circuit training Year 6 -lunchtime

Offered to All Year 6 rotated weekly

£15 x 1 a week £15 x 33 =£495 

6 week block

Circuit training offered to all children in Year 6 – to promote a healthy lifestyle and give them a brain break  in preparation for the children’s SATS

  • To encourage children to choose physical activities during their lunch  hours – student led

Children in Year 6 were introduced to circuit training and partner work.

Children were taught activities that help them to keep fit healthy that they can then adopt and take part in independently.

Offered to all children – rotated -6 different Year 6 pupils attended weekly for 6 x 6 = 36 Year 6 pupils attended.

When children are taking part in structures physical activities there are less reported incidents on the playground.

Many children in Year 6 now choose to use the fitness equipment on the playground during their lunch and break times.

Many children in Year 6 now choose to use the fitness equipment on the playground during their lunch and break times.

This is definitely something we will offer next year’s Year 6.

Essex Elite Coaching

Multi-skills teaching in Reception

Essex Elite Coaching

£15 per hour. 2 hours per week for whole academic year.

£15 x 2 x 33 = £990

Sports coach to work alongside Class Teacher in Reception on multi-skills activities during lesson time.

To be offered to all children in reception

All reception children have received a 45min session per week. Not only has this allowed teachers in Reception to gain skills and ideas and observe good practice teachers have also seen a great improvement in the children’s gross motor skills.  

(Particularly working on upper arm strength to help with their handwriting) children have improved their listening skills, attention, co-operation skills. Children in the year group have improved their basic physical skills.

The Class Teacher has explained that one of her pupils found it very difficult to hop, skip and jump at the beginning of the year but has now learnt to do these things.

Another pupil has lost a considerable amount of weight and is starting to enjoy physical exercise.

Not only have teachers learnt new skills they have also used these opportunities to make detailed observations of their children and assess their strengths and weaknesses. 

All children in reception have taken part in this throughout the academic year

Teachers in Reception are now more confident teaching multiscale activities and will be able to take this with them into the new academic year.

LSA overtime

To run clubs alongside Essex Elite Coaching & Hornets Basketball Club. 

LSA Football Afterschool club

1 x 4 x 33 x £8 = £1056

LSA – support the running of extracurricular activities run by specialist coaches.

This funding has allowed us to give support staff in the school an opportunity to observe good practice and learn new skills. 

Our support staff are now more confident in running these clubs in the new academic year.

LSAs to start running some of these clubs in the new academic year so that the coaches can then introduce a wider range of extra-curricular activities to more children across the school.

After school football club 

Essex Elite Coaching

£20 per hour x 4 per week

4 x 31 x £20 = £2480

To invite all children across year groups 1-6 an opportunity to take part in after school football (including some multi-skills activities in KS1). 

To provide an opportunity for Year 5 and 6 girls to attend separate clubs.

This club was offered to all children in Year 1 – 5

Tuesday – Year 5 and 6 boys – on average of 20 children attend on a regular basis.

Wednesday – Year 5 and six girls only – on average 15  children attend on a regular basis 

Thursday – Year 1 and 2 boys and girls - on average 25  children attend on a regular basis

Friday – Year 3 and 4 boys and girls - on average   20 children attend on a regular basis.

This has helped promote and encourage physical activity. Children have developed listening and cooperation skills as well as specific football skills and gross motor skills. 

It has also promoted the sport to girls and a higher percentage of girls now take part in football after school. 

This has been a vast improvement on last academic year.

Football was previously offered to Year 3.  4, 5 and 6 by a West ham football club at a cost to the children. 

Football is now offered to all children year 1-6 free of charge.

A member of support staff has worked alongside the coach throughout the year and we hope that they are now ready to take on some of the extra-curricular clubs in the new academic year. Freeing up our coaches to introduce further extra-curricular sporting activities. 

Afterschool Basketball club

Hornets Basketball Club Year 3

Once a week 1 x 33 x £20 = £660  To use specialist basketball coaches to introduce basketball into our school.

Children have made great progress. They have developed a wide range of new skills. They have learnt to work as part of a team and developed there listening skills and grown in confidence.

Offered to all children on a first come first served basis. 

The children attending have varied throughout trying to allow all children interested an opportunity to attend.

On average 15 children attend on a weekly basis.

The children have learnt a great deal from the Hornets Basketball Club coaches. We hope to offer this to other year groups in the new academic year and start a basketball team to the school which we have never had before.

Essex Elite Coaching

Breakfast club

30 children per day on average

£10 per day x 5 =£50 per week.

£50 x 33 = £1650

Coach from Essex Elite to run on a daily basis alongside a member of staff. 

To promote a healthy life style to the children attending breakfast club.

To help encourage children to attend breakfast club starting the day ready to learn.

Providing the children with a range of physical activities in the morning helps our school to promote a healthy life style. Not only are children starting the day with a healthy meal they are exercising helping them to prepare for the day ahead.

On average 30 children attend this on a daily basis across all year groups. The children taking part in this activity can vary depending on which children attend breakfast club. 

On average 30 children take part in physical activity during breakfast club.

This something we will continue to offer in the new academic year and eventually will be taken over by a member of our staff. 
Cross country club 2-6

LSA overtime 1 x morning per week.

1 x LSA Cross Country club (Monday morning)

1 x 33 x £8 = £264

Offer to key stage 2.

Morning running club. To encourage children to take part in a physical activity and promote a healthy life style.

On average 20 children attend per week across key stage 2.

Children have developed their running skills, self-confidence and fitness.

This is something will continue to run in the new academic year. 

Multi skills club

Essex Elite

£20 session

Reception – Autumn term – 2 x week.

2 x 11 x £20 = £440

Year 1 Spring/ summer term 1 x per week.

1 x 22 x £20 = £440

Autumn 1 – before school club –by invitation only – reception children to develop fine and gross motor skills

Spring and Summer term

Offered to all children in Year 1 that do not already attend football club. – To develop listening skills and physical development.

Run alongside a member of support staff.

Reception 10 children invited on average 5 children attended twice a week.

Year 1- on average 15 children attend on a regular basis per week

This will be offered as an afterschool club to children in Year 1- and will be led by a member of staff (using their skills developed after observing good practice). 
Lunchtime Club – (includes a variety of physical activities & team games) 25 by invitation

£10 per day x 4 

10 x 4 x 33 = £1320

Summer term.

To run alongside a member of the nurture team. 

To provide some of our more challenging children a structured physical activity during their lunch hour.

Children have developed their social skills, learnt new skills, worked as part of a team and taken part in a physical every day.

Not only can this be used to reward positive behaviour it has also meant these children are now involved in far less reported incidents on the playground.

On average up to 20 children can attend this every day.

This will continue to run in the new academic year and will be led by a member of our nurture team. 
Chance to shine cricket coaching 2.5 hours per week 
Free of charge
To give Year 6 children an opportunity to develop and learn new striking and fielding skills during their physical education lessons.

Half of the children in Year 6 had the opportunity to take part in this.

Gave children an introduction to cricket, some quickly developed new skills and confidence.

50 boys and girls an Year 6 took part in this coaching.

This is something we will take up again next year. 
Total Premium received £10,615
Total Premium spend £10,615
Premium remaining Nil

In conclusion, we now have 47% of pupils at Lansdowne Primary Academy that have taken part in an extra-curricular sporting activity this year.