Fundraising for Parents - EduVoice

Lansdowne Primary Academy has recently joined EduVoice, an exciting and innovative scheme which not only raises money for your child’s school, but also enables YOU and your children to earn extra cash and some pocket money.

Fundraising is important for us as it allows the school to purchase materials we would not otherwise be able to afford, with these benefits being directly passed on to the children. EduVoice is a great scheme because it does not require parents to part with any money at all - the money comes from companies who need members of the public to feedback through online surveys, their opinions on services and products.

All of the surveys are monitored and filtered by EduVoice, which in turn is governed by the Market Research Society.

This is a positive money raising approach and we would really like you to register with EduVoice to participate in helping raise funds for the schools account. If you have a son/daughter aged 11 - 18 years old, they can also participate.  However, if they are under the age of 16 it is necessary for EduVoice to have your consent as a parent for their involvement.  To achieve this, your son/daughter will be asked to provide a contact number for you so verbal consent can be obtained via a quick telephone call.

The surveys sent to you from EduVoice are often fun and you will genuinely influence companies, local authorities, governments and charities with your opinions.

As part of this schools research community, you will be rewarded for your precious time, not only with great cash incentives, but also with regular prize draws. This gives you the opportunity to create a little extra spending power, raise funds for the school and win fantastic prizes!

Don’t miss this great opportunity. Sign up at TODAY and start making a difference.

The schools unique code is 434577043 which you will need when submitting your application to join. It is important to keep hold of this code as it will connect your EduVoice account to our school's account.

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